Kiwi Apple Green Juice

Good Morning! In our house, Sunday is clean out the fridge, evaluate the situation, and go grocery shopping day. I usually plan all of my weekend recipes around what we can use up. Making smoothies and fresh juice is no small cost (ohh I think I'll do a whole post about that!) so I hate … Continue reading Kiwi Apple Green Juice


Matcha Latte Baked Donuts

Happy Sunday friends! I wanted to play around with my Organic Burst Matcha Powder this morning and after a long internal debate of muffins or donuts... donuts won. Donuts always win. What's makes donuts so much fun? It's practically the same recipie as I would have used for the muffins, just a different shape. Whatever … Continue reading Matcha Latte Baked Donuts

Easy Tips on How to Grow your Instagram Following 

For those of you who don't know me, I started with just a regular personal Instagram account, posting normal white girl stuff. Coffee, pumpkin flavored things, cats, sweaters, etc, etc. One day I decided to start posting yoga pictures here and there, participating in the occasional yoga challenge, and then almost overnight I grew my … Continue reading Easy Tips on How to Grow your Instagram Following